Cheryl the Herbalist

Cheryl Whitten is a professional health writer, Master Herbalist, and Clinical Aromatherapist. Her work has appeared on leading health sites and in peer-reviewed journals.

She holds a:

✓ Bachelor of Arts

✓ Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate

✓ Clinical Aromatherapist Certificate

✓ Practical Herbalist Diploma

✓ Master Herbalist Diploma

I’m Cheryl.

I believe knowledge is power. I aim to give patients, readers, and consumers the information they need to make good or better decisions.

Bachelor of Arts

Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Athabasca University. She began freelance writing in 2014 and has since produced thousands of words for leading brands. Cheryl is a top writer with experience in corporate, non-profit, and agency roles.

Master Herbalist

Cheryl holds diplomas in practical herbalism and master herbalism from the Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine. She studied with some of the world’s most renowned botanists and herbal experts. Cheryl currently studies human sciences at Athabasca University.

Clinical Aromatherapist

Cheryl holds a certificate in advanced aromatherapy from Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies, the highest level of aromatherapy education available. She has practiced aromatherapy since the early 2000s, officially earning her credentials in 2018. She coaches clients and teaches students around the world.

Aromatherapy for Practitioners

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Essential Oil Safety Guide

The Internet is the wild west with conflicting and confusing information about aromatherapy. Learn general safety guidelines, precautions, and contraindications.


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